Friday, September 26, 2008


In October 2008, 20 Soldiers from around the country will come together in Bryan, Texas to form one cohesive unit of Army communicators - the 211th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. With only a few weeks to prepare, the unit will deploy to one of the most volatile regions on Earth - destination Iraq.

For approximately 455 days, these 20 individuals will spend almost every waking moment working as one. Like all the working parts of a body, these Soldiers will use there collected talents to accomplish a singular mission - telling the story of the American Soldier.

Through the eyes of the 211th, families will see the faces of their loved ones.

Through the ears of the 211th, communities will hear the sounds and echoes of ideologies at war.

Through the hands of the 211th, American citizens will feel the grip of American compassion reaching out to the world.

Through the heart and mind of the 211th, the world will realize the value of a single life.

And in the process of telling the story of the American Soldier, they will write the story of their own sacrifice and contribution.

Their story begins . . .