Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mark The Moment

I have a saying. I'm not sure if I made it up or if I picked it up from someone else. Either way, it's a saying I use and I have claimed it as my own. The saying is, "Mark The Moment!"

It's not something I generally say out loud, although I have at times. The saying is more of a guide that I use in my decision-making process. I don't use the guide in every decision, just a select few - specifically, when a choice between two options does not pose a significant threat to anyone or when the result of either choice will not cause a major change in outcome for myself or others.

In essence this is what Mark The Moment means for me; Does one of the choices in front of me offer a greater opportunity to make this moment special, magic or eternally memorable?

Today, one of those choices was presented - snow fell in Bryan, Texas. This is not a normal occurrence - it is truly rare. It was a Mark The Moment kind of opportunity.

The decision point came when we went out for PT (physical training). I heard a couple stray comments from the Soldiers that maybe, with snow falling, we might postpone PT for the day. I had even considered it in a passing thought, but that was my cue - should I cancel PT and move on? What would it hurt? The answer was obvious - Mark The Moment. We held PT in the snow.

It was cold, it was a bit windy and the snow was coming down, but the moment was magic. Seeing our Soldiers run up and down the Bryan High School stadium steps, snow flying, red noses and lungs burning in the chilly air became an eternally memorable moment, if for no one else but me.

There isn't much about this week that in 10 years I will remember with any clarity, but this one day, when snow fell on the Soldiers of the 211th MPAD; when the athletic staff of Bryan H.S. looked out their office windows and laughed at, "those crazy Soldiers, out in the stadium." This moment, I will remember forever. I hope our Soldiers will remember the moment too.


Familia Martinez said...

So true! I am finding with you leaving for a year that I want to "Mark EVERY Moment." I know that is not possible but if I had my way it would be. You are a great leader for these soldiers, they will learn a great deal from you. You are a great leader for our family as well and we will learn from this experience as well and because of that we will be blessed! We love you sweetheart! Thanks for all you do!

David M said...

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